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Good afternoon, 

I am sitting here in Ohio freezing to death working on some clips and new photos of the site. I hope everyone enjoys them as I will enjoy doing the shoots. I would love to get some shots of me playing in the snow but right now with the wind chill it’s at least -1. So hopefully before I return to Texas on the 5th of February that I can at least get a couple of shots of me in the snow. Mind you I am not all the fond of the cold weather or this sticky, white, and wet stuff but just for you I would endure the cold. I am working on getting some photos posted tonight or tomorrow for you all. I can’t wait to finally get them up. I hope you guys will enjoy them. 

Love you all, and thank you for being patient. XOXOXO Heaven Tylor

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I am a goofy lady! I am from Colorado. I currently live in Texas near Fort Hood! I have 5 fur babies that I love with all my heart. I am a proud supporter of our Military. I am getting older and I don't really mind. I am a proud Scorpio.

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