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Happy belated Veterans Day !
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Happy Veteran’s Day! I salute you. Thank you for all that you have sacrificed to serve our country. Some have made the greatest sacrifice of all their lives and it saddens me greatly. Some are still putting their lives on the line every day to keep this country safe from foreign and domestic threats everyday. My hats off to you. Hopefully with this new Commander-in-chief we can get things fixed at the VA for you to receive better health care and care in any other department you might need. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, I know how hard the daily struggle to keep moving forward. I want you all to know that if you ever just want to talk I am here for you. My green light is always on for you. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy life. 

Love always,

Heaven Tylor


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I am a goofy lady! I am from Colorado. I currently live in Texas near Fort Hood! I have 5 fur babies that I love with all my heart. I am a proud supporter of our Military. I am getting older and I don't really mind. I am a proud Scorpio.

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