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Happy New Year!!!
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Happy New Year! This is a new year and a new President. Some of us might not like him and that’s ok but we gave Obama 8 years and I think that it time for a change and hopefully this year is the start of some of that change. But even if the government doesn’t change it is also a time for us to sit and look back and make sure we are being the type of person we want our kids and grandkids to look up too. We want a certain way of life and most changes start at home. Time for a new look maybe, new style of clothes, not working as much and spending more time with the family, maybe even start a new family. Whatever comes our way remember that we are the first teachers kids in our life even if they are just the neighbors kids see and learn from. We set the examples for the future generations. We teach them tolerance of peoples differences, and every difference makes us each a unique person. I for 1 am glad that I am me and not some cookie cutter of someone else. I am out spoken, I am a natural blonde, I have blue eyes, I have scars both kinds ( the ones that can be seen and those that can’t be) but I am not the same nor will I ever be the same as someone else or will I be what someone else wants and not what I want.  Ok sorry, I know I am preaching but I know that there is still some compassion and humanity in the world and I would love to see some of it passed on to our youth.

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