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Our lovely host, Heaven Tylor, is finally feeling better. Hopefully she will be back here soon. In the meantime things have been updated and more changes are in the works. I got some older photos of her posted and more are on the way.

Also, the sites posts are driven by “categories”. We have “Blog”, “Photo”, “Site News” and others. Some of the more popular are now on a menu. If you click on “Home” it will take you to a list of the posts, regardless of category, with the most recent first. Just hover your mouse over the “Home” menu button. A menu will appear with “Photo”, “Tour” and “Site News” categories. Click on these to show all posts in that category,. If you have ideas for new categories or of categories that you would like on the menu, just PM me.

Next, check out Heaven Tylor’s new “adults only” discussion forum. You can find the discussions and pictures at forum.heaventylor.com and check out the discussions and join in!

Your Webmaster

New Look
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We made some changes to the look of the site. The comment reply is now located below the “Posted on…” just below the post tile.

Also the “home” menu button has sub-menu’s for quick access to common post categories like “Photos”.

Let us know what you think!

Your Webmaster

Heaven’s Forums Launched
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HT_bg.jpgThe new Heaven Tylor discussion forum is now open.

We are still getting things organized and really want your input and suggestions. Sorry but you must register there separately. And you must be 18 or older. But please register and let us know what you think!

Heaven will also be introducing Heaven’s Angles there.

Please join us for the discussions!

Heaven is Offline
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Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update. Heaven is back at home after a quick trip to see family. However, now she is having internet problems. The company expects to have it repaired by sometime on Monday 5/7.She sends her love and apologies for not being able to post right now.

In the mean time I am digging around for some photos to post. Maybe we can steal some more of Danny Thomas’ photos. 🙂

– Your Webmaster

Setting Things Up
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I want to thank everyone for their patience while we get the site setup. We are still beta testing things. I want to ask everyone to let me know what you think. Please any comments, good or bad, would help. What you think or what you would like to see. You can reply to this post or just simply PM me.

Thank you for your time.

— Your Webmaster 🙂