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Web caming….
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While caming today I learned something new, well not new.. Something was just reiterated to me… The song by Dire Straights “Money For Nothing and Your Chicks For Free” is exactly like what most expect… I am wearing black heels, a short blue jean mini skirt, a really see-through tank top, a white bra and lacy boy short style panties. So???? Is not sexy enough??? I will take pics and get them posted so ya’ll can tell me what you think… 

xoxoxo Love, Heaven Tylor

P.S. Remember I am also offering private caming sessions I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Paypal…

Welcome all new members!!!
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Good Morning, 

I am wanting to welcome all my new members, I hope you like what you see so far. I hope to have more photos and possibly a small clip up here soon. So please feel free to leave suggestions. I am getting ready to do another photo shoot so let me know what you all might like to see… Taking a few suggestions and then when I get at least 3 different suggestions we will take votes… So lets get sending in your suggestions on outfits in. I might even take a few photos of me being tied up. 🙂

XOXOXO Love, Heaven Tylor 

Hello Everyone!
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Good Morning everyone. 

I have completed my move to Texas.  It is hot and humid but it is good to finally be settled. I am loving life here. Me and the love of my life… LOL my dog Drake. I will be getting lots of sun. I will love the new tan. I will no longer be so pale. I love being able to swim, and just relax in the sun. I am looking forward to be able to spend time with my fans.

XOXOXOX, Heaven Tylor

Heaven is Offline
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Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update. Heaven is back at home after a quick trip to see family. However, now she is having internet problems. The company expects to have it repaired by sometime on Monday 5/7.She sends her love and apologies for not being able to post right now.

In the mean time I am digging around for some photos to post. Maybe we can steal some more of Danny Thomas’ photos. 🙂

– Your Webmaster